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ToXSL Technologies has the best Industrial Training Programs!

ToXSL Technologies has a group of professionals who love to think out of the box.So, transform your dreams into reality by getting your dream job.

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ToXSL Technologies is the leading software company that provides six months of Industrial Training in Chandigarh, Mohali, for IT students. ToXSL Technologies excel in the field of limitless possibilities, as the tag line says, towards excellence. It is one of the best training hubs in India, which offers exclusive six months/three months of industrial training to B. Tech/M. Tech, BCA/MCA, B.Sc./M.Sc. (IT) & Diploma students. We offer you the best PHP training programs in Chandigarh, assuring you an excellent level of knowledge and experience.

Your educational and professional development is our top priority. With our exclusive learning technologies and an elite team of expert professionals, you will receive the most effective hands-on training experience available-guaranteed. ToXSL experts help you address challenges and support you in your transformation journey for better profitability and increased competitiveness.

Make success a priority and begin your journey today!

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in-house placement

100% In-house Placement

We offer in-house placement options for well-deserving candidates who have the zeal to learn and grow in the development sector.

Hands-on Experience

Hands-on Experience

We have numerous sets of 3 months and 6 months industrial training programs under which the candidates can enroll for the most suitable ones.

Learning from Industry Experts

Learning from Industry Experts

Trainees often work under the guidance of experienced professionals who provide mentorship and share their industry insights.


Exposure to Latest Technologies

IT companies often work with cutting-edge technologies. Trainees get exposure to these technologies, tools, and frameworks that are currently in demand in the industry.


Live Project-based Learning

Trainees are usually assigned to projects where they apply their skills to solve real problems. This project-based learning approach enhances their problem-solving abilities and project management skills.


Feedback and Evaluation

Trainees receive feedback on their performance and progress throughout the training period. This helps them identify areas for improvement and grow professionally.

Ready to get started

We offer a wide exposure to working in a professional work environment and allow trainees to work upon various projects assisted by expert professionals.