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Full Stack Development [6 months]

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  • Understand the JavaScript
  1. Basic unterstanding of JavaScript

  2. JS Data Types

  3. Knowledge about OOPS concepts

  4. JS Statement

  5. Function

  6. JS Object

  7. JS Arrays

  8. JS Hoisting

  9. Features of ES-6 [ ECMAScript 6 ]

  10. Arrow function


  •  NodeJS
  1. Introduction with NodeJs

  2. Eventloop

  3. NPM

  4. Http module

  5. Structure a NodeJs application

  6. Introduction to ExpressJs

  7. Structure a NodeJs Express application [ Modular ]

  8. Promis

  9. Middleware

  10. Database connectivity [ MongoDB ]

  11. Learninig about RESTful APIs and API Communications.

  12. MongoDB / Sql Query’s / Mongoose


  • ReactJS
  1. Introduction with ReactJS

  2. Lifecycle of reactjs

  3. Structure a ReactJS application

  4. Components [ .jsx, HTML Render ]

  5. Hooks [ useState(), useEffect(), useRef() etc... ]

  6. Probs

  7. Events

  8. React Router

  9. React List/ Forms

  10. API’s integration / backend connectivity

  • Basic Coding Skills and Guidelines
  • 2 Live Projects (major/minor)


Training highlights:

  • 100% Practical Training + Live projects
  • In House Placements
  • Training by experienced mentors cum developers.
  • Daily assignments & notes will be provided.

About ToXSL:

  • Tremendous Growth Opportunity!!
  • Work with the newest and most cutting edge technologies!
  • High Visibility, Autonomous Role in a Collaborative Environment!
  • Outstanding Work/Life Balance!
  • Competitive Compensation, Benefits, and other Perks!!

GRAB THE OPPORTUNITY, Call now on 9569247788 or email you resume on training@toxsl.com

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  • Address:

    C-127, 2nd Floor, Phase 8, Industrial Area Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar Punjab 160071

  • Website Link:

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Congratulations on completing Python Training...!!!!

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Congratulations on completing React JS Training...

Congratulations on completing React JS Training...

Training holds a significant place in our education program. By organizing expert training sessions, we can provide students with an opportunity to collaborate with industry specialists. Additionally, they can apply their theoretical knowledge to practical activities of their choice.

Congratulations on completing React Native Training.

Congratulations on completing React Native Training.

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