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About Us

Driven by the passion to help companies win the war for talent, jiTalent is proud to unify all aspects of talent acquisition. It allows organizations to manage their complete talent acquisition process within a single platform. It helps the recruiting professionals improve the hiring processes and manage workflows of the recruiting departments. It provides tools for recruiters and hiring managers throughout the process; finding suitable candidates, conducting focused interviews and optimizing their recruiting process.

The tool enables HR professionals to view the recruiting pipeline through a dashboard and streamline the employee recruitment process. jiTalent offers various features like resume parsing, interview scheduling, online skill test, mass emailing and many more. Its hiring process begins with finding the right candidates from a variety of sources, such as job boards, external agencies, in-person events, or through in-house referrals. Following that HRs can schedule, reschedule and confirm the interview by checking the availability of the team and candidate.